I use Dashlane as my password manager. I have been very happy with the app for almost two years now.

A couple weeks ago, it quit working in my Chrome web browser. The strange thing was that it was working perfectly in my Safari browser (yes, I am on a Mac).

No worries, I thought to myself. I know that Chrome extensions can be flaky once in a while, so I will uninstall and re-install the Dashlane Chrome extension. I then navigated to a web page that I needed to log on and … nothing happened. I looked in the right upper corner and sure enough, the Dashlane logo was greyed out.

Okay, that means I have an authentication problem I thought as I continued to troubleshoot in my head. I tried to login and after several attempts, I was in. Yay! It seemed I had figured out the problem easily, but then I had no passwords available to my browser. I had to copy and paste from the app. I felt like I was saving my passwords in Excel all over again and this will not do!

Here is what I did to finally fix the issue:

  • Make sure you have the latest Dashlane version installed
  • Log in to Dashlane
  • Go to Dashlane preferences (“Tools -> preferences” if you are on Windows) and uncheck “Verify Browser code signature” if it is currently checked
  • Log out of Dashlane, close Dashlane and then restart it
  • Log in to Dashlane
  • Go to Dashlane preferences (Tools -> preferences if you are on Windows) and check “Verify Browser code signature” (If you are in Windows, I would recommend a restart here to make sure everything gets set up correctly)
  • Start your web browser, make sure the Dashlane extension is installed, and click on the Dashlane logo in the browser header
  • Dashlane will ask you to verify the connection between your app and the browser and you should be all good now

A lot of steps, I know. I wished I could have found this information when I needed it. It would have saved me a lot of time and I would be finding something else to teckie around with.

Get Dashlane here.