If you do a search for how to remove the black bars surrounding your video, either on the top and bottom, or both sides, or maybe all four directions, you’ll be directed to change the aspect ratio to 16:9. And if you use 4:3 ratio, you will have black bars when you upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo.

I hear you.  You tried that and it did not make a difference.  You tried it 4 times with the same result. You had black bars using both settings.  Wait. What? Yes, that is correct.  You have the dreaded black bookends like you are watching an 80s TV show on your new 75 inch 4k TV.

My girlfriend had this same issue when she was working on a new video for a webinar she was wanting to promote.  She was using Windows Movie Maker and no matter what setting she tried, even with the technical brilliance standing by her side, directing her precisely what to do…the video did not fit and black bars were aligned perfectly on both sides of her brand new video.

Do you want an alternate solution? Use a different video recorder. Sometimes, you can have a weird driver issue, or some other local setting that is interfering with your abilities to get rid of those pesky solid bars.  In our case, we simply used the Windows Camera program, checked to make sure it was recording on 16:9 aspect ratio, switched it from camera settings to video and recorded.  Done.  We had a beautiful video that filled the entire YouTube screen and there were no black lines. Notice that I took credit for the brilliance of her video.  Now on to the next solution.