Website Care Plan – Buy Hours


Website Care Plan – Buy Hour(s)



Website Care Plan – Buy Hours

Designing a website is a project. Maintaining a website over time is a process that requires resources.  You can outsource this work to professionals to save you time and allow you to focus on your business. Website administration is the process of maintaining a website. This process is done by the website administrator. Items in maintaining a functional website may include any of the following:
  1. Content Changes
  2. Content Additions/Deletions
  3. Promotion Changouts
  4. Making Basic Layout Changes
  5. Adding, Removing and Changing Photos, Photo Galleries
  6. Adding or Changing Out Videos
  7. Adding landing pages
  8. Changins configuration
  9. Plugin additions/maintenance/deletions
  10. Backups

We can do all this work and more. You may buy basic hours and we will support your requests in a timely manner.


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